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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:03
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The CoreThe core was a scientific fiction movie about how the Earth stopped spinning on its axis. The problem rooted at the core of the Earth. It caused the atmosphere to weaken and therefore made the Earth vulnerable to the solar winds from the sun. If this problem had not been solved it would have been the end of the world and life on the planet would have ceased to exist. However the U.
S. government seemed it fit to try to stop this from occurring by sending a team of scientists to start the inner core of the Earth. The Earth’s inner core is a continuously spinning ball of molten metal. The core is the control center of all the electrical activity such as lightning and the Northern Lights otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. As the problem increased in danger, the effects seemed to show.
Birds began to crash because to navigate over long distances with electro magnetic fields inside their skulls. When the core stopped spinning the birds lost their ability to navigate and therefore crashed into every wall they came across. The scientists figured if they were able to start the core up again they would be able to save the world from utter and complete destruction. Eventually the government sent the scientists down to the core in a ship that could drill trough the earth. They eventually reached the core and started the core with a group of nuclear bombs which they blew in a pattern because the outer core was too thin and unable to hold in the power of the nukes.
Since it was a movie the mission was a success and the world was saved even though there were lost lives going through the process.

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