The Death of My Grandmother Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:53
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It was a rainy day in October, so I ended up staying inside the dorm playing on my computer. The phone rang and it was my mother telling me that my grandmas condition has worsened.
She told me that I had to try to come home right away because my grandmother was only going to live through the night. I looked over at the clock to see that is was five oclock. Knowing the bus and train have already made their last departures from Pittsburgh, I decided to fly even though I live three hours away. So, I called a cab and hurriedly gathered my belongings up.
The plane ride lasted only thirty minutes, but it seemed to be about four hours. I just sat on the commuter plane thinking about my grandmother and all the good times we had. Eventually the plane landed at the St. College airport.
It was 9:30 p. m. I departed and immediately looked for my father, since he was picking me up. I saw my father waiting for me at the gate. He didnt seem upset, at least not that I could tell.
My father is a very strong person and will not let things get to him, especially my grandmothers health. He took my bag from me as we headed for the car. We talked about my grandmothers condition on the way out. She is currently in a nursing home, which is where we were headed. We arrived at the nursing home, twenty-five minutes later.
I was really scared to go in and see her, even though I was used to seeing her in a hospital. I was shocked to see my petite, frail grandmother lying in the bed. Her beautiful brown eyes were shut. Her skin was so yellow that she looked like a yellow banana with black, curly hair on top. My grandmother had cancer on her liver, which caused the yellow jaundice, and other organs.
I have been watching her suffer from cancer for the past two years now. She has had her good day and her bad days. My grandmother is one of the only people that I know who would always be smiling not matter what the situation was. She didnt want people to feel sorry for her. I decided to stay the night at the nursing home, since I was worried about leaving her.
It was about midnight when I began to get very tired, and I started to dream about all the good times my family and grandparents had together. I dreamt about a long weekend at or cottage, which happened 3 years ago. My family arrived at the cottage where my grandparents were awaiting us standing on the deck. Hi Grandma and Pappy, yelled Adam, my younger brother. My brother and I ran up the steps to see my grandparents; however, my father called both of us back down to the car to carry the coolers and other various items.
My grandmother told us, Your dad needs some really strong young men to carry it up for him. That statement seemed to make all the difference in the world. After we carried everything up, my grandmother shouted, Hurry up boys go get your swimming suits on, so you can go swimming. My brother and I hurried up and got dressed and headed for the river.
We started to walk down to the river, and we heard my grandma yelling, Snake! My brother and I knew that snakes are my grandmothers biggest. So Adam and I raced to get my dad and our grandfather who were already in the river in the kayak. Hey! Grandma saw a snake, I shouted. As soon as my grandfather and dad heard this, the hurriedly came to shore.
My grandfather fell flat on his face as he was trying to get out of the kayak. Adam and I tried to keep from laughing at this point. My dad, however, just jumped out of the boat into the water and ran up the path with a double bladed paddle from the boat. My grandfather was right behind him with a single blade paddle.
Adam and I then took off right behind by grandfather.

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