The Fall of the House of Usher Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:36
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“” Written by Stu LyndallOctober 27, 2005NOWHERE, TX- It was a dark and dreary night, in August. When a young man, Ishall not mention his name, was going to a friend’s house. His friend,Roderick Usher, was a delirious man whose twin sister was about to die. Theyoung man was coming to comfort Rod as his sister, Madeline died.
The young man was planning to stay for a short time and never knewthat it would be cut any shorter. Once he arrived at Usher’s house, he cameto find Rod very ill, although not terminally. Rod would seem to swing fromlife to death at any instant. Madeline also seemed to contain this condition, although it was neverofficially proven. She died a few days after the young man arrived, butsince it had been raining the duo decided to store in the cellar, also toprevent doctors from trying to dissect her. After a few days there was a storm.
During this storm it is not fullyknown what happened, but we have what was thought to have. The young manwas reading to Roderick to calm him. Soon after they began to hear sounds,evil sounds. Roderick confirms that the young man is not only hearing thesesounds.
He states that he thinks he buried Madeline alive. All the suddenthe door bursts open and Madeline rushes in and starts to kill Roderick. At this point the young man runs out of the house. Just as he does thehouse splits into and falls in on itself. He doesn’t remember much afterthat except what he said, “I don’t know what the hell happened, but it wasentertaining.
” Police reports also state that he tested positive for opium,heroin, marijuana, PSP, acid, cocaine, and doggy treats. This is what theChief of the Nowhere Police Department, “He seemed awfully tired, eitherthat or he was seriously messed up on something. This is all we know fromthese accounts, since the U. S. W.
W. T. Y. A. A.
is withholding the full facts.pic

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