The Fellowship Of The Ring Analysis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:30
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The Fellowship of the Ring AnalysisIn J. R. R.
Tolkins novel The fellowship of the Ring Frodo and his friends attempt and dispose of the Ring once and for all. By distorying the Ring it insures that the ring wont ever fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil. The center of this book is the ring of power because if it falls into the wrong hands it could mean the distrouction Before the history of the ring was explained to Frodo he had no idea that it was capable of such dark powers and came from such a dark history. After hearing this Frodo was left with no choice other then to dispose of the rig for good. On this quest to expunge the ring Frodo and his friends, Pippin and Sam travel across the land in search of the volcano of Mount Doom. Along this road they make friends and enemies and experience good times and bad.
Frodo and his companions are obliterating the ring because the ring that Frodo posses is far too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. The ring that Frodo had was one of the many rings created. It was the Elves of Eregion who made all the rings, except for the One, which Sauron forged by himself in Mount Doom. The ring that Sauron created is referred to as the one to rule them this was the most powerful ring of them all. This small hobbit named Frodo is by chance forced to leave everything he has ever know and travel across the land. Along the way Frodo is faced with many obstacles and challenges.
If Frodo fails in keeping his ring safe it could very well fall into the wrong hand and could lead to death and suffering across the land.

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