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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:17
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The Giver Essay EssayHave you ever felt like starting all over again? Many people would like to have theopportunity to make a new beginning.
In the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas is making anew beginning by making an end. Jonas is making an end by leaving the community. He leaves with Gabriel because hewants to experience true things outside the community. He was very hurt in the communitybecause he could not share his feelings. He wanted to be able to share and experience hisfeelings with other people.
He feels the community does many things that are bad or wrong. Jonas doesnt seem to like what happens to people when they are released. He wants to changemany ways people in the community are treated. Jonas makes a great a choice by leaving thecommunity. Jonas opens up many opportunities and choices when he leaves the community. Jonassobbed and shouted and pounded the bed with his fist (Lois Lowry pg 152).
Jonas is obviouslyangry in the situation he is in and with the choices he is given. He wants to have the privilege tomake his own choices which he will be able to do outside the community. He can now findpeace since he was able to leave and make his own choices . The choices will give Jonas achance to find a job and other things that are important to his life.
Jonas would finally be able tobe happy with himself and what he has. It is good for Jonas to be able to have opportunities andchoices. Jonas is making a beginning outside of the community. Soon there were many birdsalong the way, soaring overhead calling (Lois Lowry pg 172). Jonas can finally make his owndecisions.
Jonas could have all the privileges the community took away. Hes able to start a newfamily. Jonas and Gabriel would probably like to start their own family. They could choose whothey would like to marry.
Jonas has a great adventure ahead of him. Outside the community Jonas can make his life. Many people do not take advantage ofthe opportunities they are given. Jonas opened up and will probably take advantages of his newprivileges.
More people need to do that. .

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