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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:57
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The Giver EssayNOT FINISHED OR REVISED OR SPELL CHECKED!! ROUGH COPYYour name is John, it was selected by a committee. You will never be attracted to a person or truly love some. You won’t feel love or pain.
You were one of fifty babies to be born in that year. Your family was chosen by a committee. Your profession was chosen by a committee; everything is chosen by a committee, everything is the same and it perfect order. Their is rules and guidelines for everything; you don’t dare to break a rule. Their is no tolerance for failure or disappointment; you will be released. Welcome to life in the community; I hope you enjoy your stay.
The Giver takes place in one of the communities where a boy named Jonas is living the same life as all the other kids before and the generations before. Nothing special has happend; he has recieved his bike, been admitted into the community service program as all the other Elevens. Until the Ceremony of Twelves where he will be assigned to his life-long occupation. Jonas is extremely nervous because he as no clue what he will be assigned; as other Elevens it is obvious what they will be assigned to.
At the Ceremony Jonas is anxious to here what he will be assigned to, but he is skipped over. He his baffled why he was skipped over. Then when the all the Elevens where assigned; the Chief Elder called Jonas to the stage, and announced to everyone that Jonas has been selected not assigned to become The Receiver which is the most important role in the community and the rarest. Their’s only one Receiver, and once you are the The Receiver you stay the giver years. All this the Chief Elder explained to Jonas and the audience.
She all so explained that their last selection 10 years ago was a failure, and it was crucial that Jonas suceeds in his training. She mentioned he had all the qualities that are necessary Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, and the ability to see beyond. The Reciever holds all the past before the communities were created. He holds all the pleasure and pain before everything was changed to sameness.
He must hold the past so the community doesn’t experience it, and so the committee can call on the Receiver and ask for his advice. When the Ceremony of the Twelves ended every you would hear whispers, Jonas, Jonas.NOT FINISHED OR REVISED OR SPELL CHECKED!! ROUGH COPYBook Reports .

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