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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:40
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Your Choice is No Choice.
You DecideEveryone has the right to choose so, what if that right was taken away? Would anyone be happy? What if everyone was the same, that wouldnt be fun. Those two sentences described Jonas community. In the novel, The Giver, Lois Lowry suggests that sameness and conformity have a negative affect on societies. We take freedom of choice for granted but, what if that was taken away? Most people would be bummed but not those in Jonas community because they had never been able to choose.
We dont dare dont dare to let the people make choices of their own. Not safe? The Giver suggested. Definitely not safe, Jonas said with certainty. (93) To maintain their utopian community the people in it have decided to rule out choosing because it can cause some problems like doing something wrong.
In our world we need choices because we learn when we make wrong ones. No choices means that we cant really express who we are it is similar to sameness. In our world everybody is different; nobody and nothing are the same. In Jonas community as he is gaining more memory from being the Receiver he is learning about color and choosing. But I want them! Jonas said angrily.
It isnt fair that nothing has color! Not fair? The Giver looked at Jonas curiously. Explain what you mean. Well Jonas had to stop and think it through. If everythings the same, then there arent any choices! I want to wake in the morning and decide things! A blue tunic, or a red one? He looked down at himself, at the colorless fabric of his clothing. But its all the same, always. This quote shows Jonas frustration of having sameness.
It would probably be the same reaction of all other people if we were in his position. Lowry shows that sameness in communities is not right through her characters emotions. Her characters act sad and mad like I would be if I lived in that community. If sameness was in our communities there would be no diversity. Difference is important because it makes you feel special.
It also shows who one is. Sameness though is good is some ways because there is no racism because there isnt any color. Also kids cant get in trouble for wearing something wrong or be bullied for what they are wearing. Most importantly they cant be judged by how they look. Sometimes choices and sameness are related. In public schools some say uniforms cut out kids freedom to choose and uniforms make them wear the same thing.
One primary argument espoused by opponents is that uniforms interfere with students’ right to choose their dress-a violation of students’ First Amendment right to free speech. This article describes selected constitutional issues related to the use of school uniforms with a focus on the First Amendment and concludes with implications for uniform policies in public schools. (Mitchell, Harold W. , Knechtle, John C, 5-1-04). Choices are very important to our society that is why there is a First Amendment. They show who one is.
Only you should be able to change your own life. Coopied paper from oppaper. com Lowry in her Newberry Award Acceptance speech said, Somehow, by shutting her out, we make ourselves comfortable. Familiar. Safe. The other girl was different from Lowry and her friends by shutting her out they caused sameness among their group.
The quote shows how sameness is caused by choices. In The Giver Sameness Essay was their decision, to shut out the other girl in the private home was a result of a decision. This proves choices are important for your comfort, your happiness and that is important. Person choe to cheat do not give them A but F. Any body should have the power to choose because we should be responsible forour life not someone else!Choices and a non-same community is a good community. Choices are obsolete in Jonas community because it brings change which wouldnt work in a sameness community.
Choices let you control your life and sameness lets you control somethings but then you lose control of others. This matters because you dont want to live in a sameness community and .

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