The House on Mango Street Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:37
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The House on Mango Street EssayThe affects of an unreliable narrator in The House on Mango Street is itaffects the tone, characterization, and style. There are a lot of examples of thosethree affects. Some of those examples are on different chapters of The House onMango Street. Characterization explained in the chapter called Earl of Tennessee. It isexplained in the way that people say that Earls wife looks different ways when sheasks different people. Esperanza says in the chapter We never agree on what shelooks like(pg.
71). Another example of characterization can be found in the chaptercalledSally. In the chapter Esperanza saysThe boys at school think shesbeautiful. .
. (pg. 81) Characterization is explained in this chapter in the way thatSally wears make-up to school and skirts that she pulls up, but when she goes homeshe washes off the make-up and pulls down her skirt so her father wont noticeanything. Tone is explained in the chapter called Darius and the Clouds because a lotof people in Esperanzas school think of him as a fool. Then when one day he sayssomething wise, something smart, people dont think of him as such a fool. In thechapter Darius says,You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky cankeep you safe when you are sad.
(pg. 33) He also says,Here there is too muchsadness and not enough sky. (pg. 33) Tone is also explained in the chaptercalledRed Clowns. Esperanza becomes very mad with Sally because Sally left heralone and some guys come and have their way with her. Esperanza saysSally, youlied.
It wasnt what you said at all. What he did. Where he touched me. I didntwant it, Sally. (pg.
99) Esperanza get very emotional about what happens to her. Shebecomes very mad and changes her tone in the way that she isnt the cheerful happygirl. Style is explained in the chapter called The Monkey Garden in the waythat the Monkey Garden stands for the Edenic Bower. Esperanza and her friendslove to play in the garden. Esperanza says,This was a garden, a wonderful thing tolook at in the spring. (pg.
94) The The Monkey Garden stands for the Garden ofEden. Another example of Style can be found in the chapter calledChanclas. Esperanza says, The old saddle shoes I wear to school, brown and white, the kind Iget every September because they last long and they do. (pg.
47) Esperanza reallyhates getting the same shoes every September because they dont look good andbecause it makes her feet look scuffed and round. The affect of an unreliable narrator in The House on Mango Street affectsdifferent things. Three of them are the tone, characterization, and the style. Thereare many examples of the affects in The House on Mango Street.

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