The Importance of a Formal Education Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:20
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Naivete is ignorance due to a lack of formal education. It would appear that the term naivete would apply as well to one who was taught, albeit insufficiently. The majority of the human world is naive and abandoned, causing them to remain that way, whether through inability to access a form of formal education or through the inabilities of the teachers attempting to teach them.
It would appear that the lack of education is a major problem in the world. The worldwide lack of education is due mainly to the scarce availability of formal schooling and its limited depth. In many underdeveloped countries, there is no formal education or schooling available. Because there is often no public school option in those countries, the only possible (note: possible not plausible) recourse is home schooling, a much more expensive option and usually beyond the means of most families in such countries.
Even in places where there is a public school option, many children are unable to take advantage of it because they must work for their families. This occurs with frightening frequency in developing countries that have the option for free public schooling, effectively removing the ability to access the education that would otherwise be available. Additionally, because of financial problems in developing countries, teachers often must work for little to no pay, and they are deficient in their own training. This hinders the teacher’s ability to teach their subject well, which causes the students to learn wrong or incomplete information. This dearth of education will result in an unquantifiable loss to all of humankind.
The global shortage of quality-education will have devastating results, slowing the betterment of the human race. Without an educ. . rs, and provide them with education. Through this they will be able to return to their home countries and educate their fellow citizens. Finally, technology that makes humans more efficient at blue-collar jobs should be made cheaper.
This will allow people to grow facile with the use of modern technology as well as create a greater yield, driving prices down. Through this the scourge may be removed from the land and finally, in truth, the world will be equal, with none above the other, except as their natural abilities place them. Education is a necessity. It should be available and accessible to the world without costing the world any more than it does now.
To claim that it does not hurt you if others are uneducated is to display your ignorance and clear lack of logic. In many ways by leaving people uneducated, the world is cutting off its nose to spite its face.

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