The Importance of Higher Education in the 21st Century

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:24
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In today’s paper I will be giving reasoning to why it’s important to further your education after high school. However, not only will I be explaining, I also will be telling you why I decided to go and my expectations from getting a degree.
Growing up I never had a version of going to college. It wasn’t something that was preached the house hold I grew up in. where I grew up it was rare to hear about someone going to college. Most of my family member barely made it pass high school, the education was very low, my grandparents and uncles barley even knew how to read and write. So growing up I always looked at college to being for the reach people because I had once heard that it cost a lot of money and me coming from low budget poverty area I thought it was impossible for me to be able to go. And besides I stayed in too much trouble. I was on the urge of getting put out of school.
However, that all changed when I was relocated to Texas after hurricane Katrina forced everyone to evacuate the city of New Orleans, Causing up to move to a place call Texarkana Tx. My outlook on education suddenly began to change because it was almost of as if the school system in Texas opened more doors for their students to be successful. They was more involved and helpful with the students. As I began to get to know people and learn more about the opportunities that I had in front of me I began to take advantage because I had an opportunity to make a difference to better myself at life. I would be later introduced to the game of football which I hated growing up but it seem like it was love at first site when I started to play when I got here.
The coaches and everyone I met was very positive and well-rounded people. Little did I know that years later ill be a star football player and be known around the town. A lot would say that football was my way out and I would just laugh because I didn’t think it was true. But not only was I known around town there were college recruits coming in to talk to me about my talent and the opportunity I had to go to school for free. This was all seeming to be a dream to me because I would have never known that I’ll be in this situation to get a free college education. But my grandmother told me I was the golden kid of the family because they saw something in me that was different from the rest.
My determination was high I felt as if it was my job to make a change for not just my family but for my future. Going to college for not just to play football but also to get a degree it’s a blessing and I felt as if I owe it to my family to make a difference to make a better living for us because I know that there are who I’m doing it for they push me hard to be successful. Seeing my mom struggle and my people go through make me want to be successful because things are getting worst and in today’s world having a degree will make a difference because the government is so corrupt. I want to be able for them to come to my college graduation and be happy. And I always say that it was blessing moving here to Texas because I wouldn’t have never got the opportunity to go if I was in New Orleans.
Being in Texas has made me take my action very serious. I learn that what you do today may have an effect on your future. I got a scholarship to play football at in Arkansas at southern Arkansas University where I’m trying to as well get a good education. While I’m currently on academic suspend but I plan on going back in the spring to further my education in business management. Not only did this situation affected me in the class room but it also affected me playing football this year causing me to sit out a semester.

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