The Kite Runner By F. Scott Fitzgerald example Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:04
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The life we are given influences what we do, but it is up to us to decide our future.Innocence can mean purity, virginity, naivety, or lack of knowledge. These different definitions are diverse, but four characters in The Kite Runner embody one or more of these definitions of innocence: Amir, Assef, Hassan, and Sohrab. The life we are given influences what we do, but is up to us to decide our future. In The Kite Runner, we can easily identify the protagonist and the antagonist.
Amir, the protagonist, grows to fit the hero archetype when he learns to be selfless and saves Sohrab. Initially, Amir is an innocent boy who acts according to the life he was given. He is privileged and a Pashtun, and his actions reflect these qualities. Amir grows and learns how to be independant and how to be someone who can be depended upon. Amir starts his quest of redemption when he returns to Afghanistan. He wants “to be good again” (2).
On his quest, Amir faces many challenges that could easily force a man to give up. He has a life in America which could be destroyed because of the dangers of Afghanistan. Memories of his past sins keep coming back during his quest, but ultimately, he becomes the hero and goes on this perilous journey, knowing he may not be able to finish the quest. His new found courage also fits Amir into the warrior archetype. He had to sacrifice his safety to fight for Sohrab’s freedom and redeem himself. As the hero of the story, Amir is a figure that readers have a strong bond with.
They rally for him or criticize his actions, but in the end they want him to succeed. Maybe a bit too long. Good ideas though and Memories of his past may be repetitive create a sentence before jumping into assef to create smooth transition. .eone who he could trust and put his faith in. He trusts Amir enough to ask him: “Will God put me in hell for what I did to that man?” (318).
This shows that he is still innocent despite all he has been through. Very quickly, however, whatever innocence he had left was again robbed. Amir promised Sohrab he would not put Sohrab in an orphanage again, but later tells Sohrab that he may have to stay at an orphanage. The one person Sohrab thought he could count on betrayed him, and he just could not take it anymore. (yes but explain how explain perspective) It is devastating that a child could be harmed and abused so badly to a point where they would turn to suicide as their only option to release them from their suffering. Although Amir tried to rescue Sohrab from suffering, he happened to be the final straw.
(bit more commentary and smoother transitions and you got it)

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