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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:28
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Marty LiSantiEnglish 3- EssayThe book that I read was A Man for all Seasons, by Robert Bolt. The character in opposition in this book was Sir Thomas More. SirThomas More was a nobleman during King Henry VIIIs reign of England. Sir Thomas More was a man of morals, he was strong willed and veryclever,which allowed him to be a very good attorney. More was a veryreligious man taking God very seriously and placing his religious valuesabove all others.
More established himself as a scholar, a lawyer, anambassador and was later appointed to Lord Chancellor. Due to his strongmindedness and strong beliefs Sir Thomas More was put into a positionagainst the King of England which even his wits could not escape. Catherine a princess of Spain, was married to King Arthur who died shortlyafterwards. Henry who took his brothers reign as King, married his widowCatherine, which the church forbade strongly until England and Spainrequested special dispensation which they received. Everything wasworking out fine until Henry was unable to produce male heirs withCatherine and started to fall in love with Anne Boleyn.
Then Henrywanted the marriage annulled because it was made by breaking a rule thatshouldnt have been. (Marrying your brothers widow)So Henry appointed aBishop who saw to it that the divorce was made. Soon after, KingHenry(demanded) asked for the public approval of all the Lords ofEngland on him marrying Anne Bolyen. All of the Lords gave theirapproval regardless of their honest opinion to avoid punishment of hightreason

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