The Metamorphosis Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:37
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The Metamorphosis EssayThe short story, The Metamorphosis, discusses how Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning transformed into a giant beetlelike insect. As a result of Gregors appearance, he faces many obstacles such as loosing his job, communicating with his family, and learning to survive as a bizarre creature. Throughout the duration of the story, the author displays the way in which society responds to Gregors new and extraordinary figure.
Up to Gregors transformation, he was an essential part of his family by providing stable income and support. But due to his gruesome appearance, his family and coworkers immediately shunned him. His father and mother kept Gregor locked in his room and continued to ignore his existence while his sister, Grete, attempted to keep Gregor fed. As time passed by, Gretes efforts to keep Gregor alive diminished.
His family neglected him and hastened his death. I think the authors thoughts on how society reacts towards Gregors appearance are very accurate. Everywhere in todays society, people are judged and treated based upon their outward form. For example, while walking through the halls of Coral Springs High, I overheard a group of kids criticizing a fellow student because of the way he dressed. Due to the fact that the students were too engulfed in his appearance, they failed to realize that he might actually be aWysocky 2respectable person.
This supports Kafkas notions that society is the most judgmental thing out in the world today. The Metamorphosis is a direct example of how society reacts towards those that are different. Though Gregor was the backbone of his family, they failed to continue to acknowledge his inner beauty once his appearance was altered. .

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