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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:28
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I believe that the overall theme to the story of The Metamorphosis Essay by Kafka concerns societys injusticies and moralities and how they have reduced to a despicable level.
Throughout the story Kafka shows how society can be split into different sections, with Gregor representing the working and useful man at the time and his family representing all the other kinds of people throughout society. When a person is no longer needed as a provider, a son, a brother or any other member of society, should he no longer be considered a human being? I think Kafka cries change in the Metamorphosis. The story begins deceptively simply confirming a horrific event with a detached matter-of -factness. As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant insect. The salesman who subjects himself to the relentless weakness of peddling wares to keep his family in the comfort to which they have grown accustomed suddenly finds himself transformed into an insect.
He appears to accept the reality that he is no longer human with an unsettling calm, truly believing that he can still contribute to society, despite his differentness. However, despite Gregors willingness to accept his unjust fate, he soon discovers that his family is not quite as open-minded. Because Gregor was the sole source of financial support to his family, so his sudden change has monetary implications. His father must take a job as a doorman and when that doesnt work out, they are forced to take in boarders. These tenants treat the Samsa family as subservient, a fact that distresses Gregor: My, what a quiet life the family used to lead.
Gregor felt pride that he had managed to support his parents and sister Greta with such a life in a beautiful apartment. Instead of lamenting his own fate, he is thinking of how he has let his family down. Yet, they are too self-absorbed to consider Gregors private torment. All that mattered to the family was that Gregor was able to provide.
The purpose for his existence was to serve his family. After his secret change to an insect was discovered, they realized that he was no longer of any use to the family and he was unappreciated in every way. This is made clear in the beginning of the story when Gregor wouldnt let anyone in his room in fear that they would be horrified by his condition. He felt that everyone was angry and wanted him to get up for work, which he somehow felt that he might be able to accomplish. This is the ultimate example of the loyalty which Gregor exhibited all of his life. After his change into an insect, Gregor presented a problem for he had no function in the family.
They locked him up, imprisoning him by not allowing him out of his room. Slowly, his possessions were removed, and for some time no one bothered to clean his room. Anything that was not needed for the moment was simply thrown into his room. To them he was only a bug and not their son and brother. They chose to ignore all his good and self-sacrificing acts before the change and did not show him the respect, which he deserved.
It is apparent that there were certain things within the family that Gregors change into a bug did not affect. Understanding Gregor was something that his parents failed to do. Relations between father and son had always been strained, as if all of Gregors efforts were to receive some kind of paternal approval. His mother, after speaking to Gregor for the first time after his metamorphosis did not recognize any difference in his voice.
This seems strange since he himself was shocked as he heard his own voice answering hers. He knew that it was his own voice but that it had unmistakably changed drastically, suggesting that they didnt speak often. Therefore, both before and after the metamorphosis, they continued to misunderstand Gregor. They failed to realize that, even as a bug, Gregor was still there and that he could understand everything they had to say. Thus, both before and after the metamorphosis Gregors loyalty was .

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