The Mood In A Tell Tale Heart Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:36
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This is a critical essay on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart. ” This takes place down in a old cellar with a young man and a older man with a “vulture” eye. In the story the young man stalks the old man for 7 nights and on the 8th night killed the old man with the “vulture” eye.
Then after he kills the man he takes him to the tub and cuts him up in to peaces and drains out the water. After that he takes the peaces then places them” ever so slightly so that no human eye could not see”. Later on the cops came to investigate, after getting a call from a neighbor. The young man went crazy and confessed the whole thing. In the next 3 paragraphs I will discusses imagery, dialogue, and setting.
Imagery is a set of mental pictures or images. In this story Poe shows lots of imagery by like they why he had they light, how he stalked the old man, how he killed the old man, and then by the way he heard the pounding heart in his head when the cops came. The way he used the imagery made it feel like you where in the story, when the cops came and the young man heard the “pounding hart” made a little pounding noise in my head like I was there. I think that this was Poe’s why to scare the people in his short stories.
Dialogue is the conversation between two or more people. The dialogue in this story is how he cant stand the old mans eye so he ends up killing him. “ I undid the lantern cautiously-oh, so cautiously-cautiously for the hinges creaked0 – I undid it just so much that a single ray fell upon the vulture eye. And did this for 7 long nights- but only found the eye closed.
” This showed how he came in contact with the man and stalked him every night just to get a glimpse of his eye. “ I smiled,- for what had I to fear? Babe the gentlemen welcome. ” The dialogue in this was that the to men where cops, so he said that because he knew that he had nothing to fear because of the way he cleaned up. Setting is the time and place in the story. The time in this was mostly at night in the chamber of the old man. “ Every night, just at twelve, I looked in upon him while he slept.
” This was showing when and where he was doing this at. “ At four o clock the bell rang. ” The people at the door where cops coming to investigate. The setting reflects the mood by show when and where he did things he did. So in conclusion the mood in this short story is strong. By they ways Poe used his words in imagery, dialogue, and setting.
The imagery used to direct the mood was by showing the metal picture in your head by strong use of words. The dialogue was when he came in contact to kill the old man then when he comfiest to the cops. Setting was how he showed the dark room in the middle of the night when he stalked the man. The mood in this story made it different because Poe used graphic words and strong mental pictures.Bibliography:The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe .

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