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There is something about hunting that General Zaroff did not liked any more. This thing that he disliked was that it was not a challenge for him to kill his quarry. He had been a hunter for such a long time that he was an expert. Rainsford was also a great hunter, he was on a boat when he heard some gun shoots, he went to check out were the shoots came from all of the suden he lost balance and he fell over the board. It was a dark night in the caribean waters.
He swam behid the boat yelling to the his friends, but they didn’t listened. Rainsford decided to survive, so he swam looking for the island they were sailing next to.
Rainsford finaly reached the island. It was a big place with many trees and palms, almost like a jungle. He walked and found a place to rest, he went to sleep as son as he closed his eyes. Wen he woked up it was late afternoon, he knew tha becouse of the sun.
He found an empty cartridge when he was walking towards a big place with so many bright lights. He walked and walked untill he reached the house of General Zaroff where he had diner and a bed to sleep. General Zaroff told him about his new hunting game, which Rainsford though stupid.
This hunting game was a game were Genral Zaroff hunted men inside the island. Rainsford said that what the General was doing was not huntig but murdering. The day came when Rainsford became the quarry for the General, he hided on many places because he was scared, untill the moment he decided to kill or be killed.
Finaly Rainsford killed Ivan, the General’s servant, and also the dogs. The General was sad because of his loss, so he went up to his bedroom knowing he had lost the game. Rainsford appeared from behind a courtain an killed the General. Now Rainsford realized that the hunter had become the huntee. .

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