The Most Dangerous Game Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:34
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In the story, The Most Dangerous Game Essay by Richard Connell, Rainsford divides men into two classes of people, the hunters and the huntees.
The explanation of this statement is that in life, everyone is either a victim of society or are out to get what they want. Rainsford says this becuase he hunted animals and never expected to be hunted himself. He considers himself a hunter because he traveled all around the world and wrote books on hunting. This changes when Zaroff was hunting Rainsford and chasing him which made Rainsford feel scared and nervous.
Zaroff thinks it is too easy to hunt animals so he thought it would be more of a challenge to hunt humans. Zaroff and Rainsford travel and are experienced hunters, but Zaroff likes to hunt humans and he stops hunting animals because he’s bored. They used to think hunting was just hunting, but they never felt what the animals felt when they were hunted. This statement can apply to society. The hunter is like the boss, he has power and the huntee is weaker and lower.
This can apply to a lot of situations including a teacher and student, a parent and child, or a policeman and a criminal. Children have to listen to their parents and do what they say. If they don’t, they will getin trouble or get yelled at. I consider myself a huntee because I have to obey my parents and ask their permission before I do something. If I do go out without my parents permission, I can get in trouble. This will change a lot when I am older and live on my own.
If I work and have a boss, I would have to ask him before I do something. If I am the boss, employees will have to listen to me. This is why I consider myself a huntee. .

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