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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:43
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I think “The most dangerous game Essay” is an escape book whose principal emphasis is on plot. The story is about a hunter who after a series of unlucky events finds himself in an island with a man who hunts people for sports. The two main characters represent two opposite sides. Rainsford is a good person who respects human’s life while General Zaroff is a kind of bad guy who has no value for human life. Suspense is the main element to make the story attractive.
There is a mystery coming from the very beginning when Rainsford first hears about the “Ship Trap Island”. Then the second mystery is introduced when Zaroff tells Rainsford what the most dangerous game in the world is. The story comes to its climax when Rainsford is forced to join Zaroff’s hunting game. The celebrated hunter now becomes the quarry. Reader’s curiosity, which combined with anxiety, has been greatly aroused at this moment. The question — “ Who is going to win the game” keeps them reading.
No one knows what will exactly happen until the answer comes out at last. The whole book is full of actions and conflicts. Rainsford conflicts with himself, with nature, with society and with Zaroff. There is no dull moment in the story. Something exciting is always happening. With the development of the plot, readers are left anxious to find out how Rainsford manages to escape from being caught.
The ending of the story is a typical ending for the escape book. Rainsford finally kills Zaroff. The hunter and the hunted change their positions. The good defeats the evil. The happy ending gives every reader a kind of relief. “The Most Dangerous Game” is a good adventure book for people of all ages to enjoy.
That’s why I think it’s an escape book rather than an interpretive book.
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