The necklace: luxury a want or need Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:04
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The necklace: Luxury a want or a needLuxury in life is treated more as a necessity that a want. When in life luxuries should be wants. People think that having exotic and expensive things makes them a better person.
People also like to say that they need that thing when they really dont. This is like the mentality of a child. When a child tells his parent I need that toy, when in reality the child just wants. Adults do that same but in a more mature manner.
Like in the story The Necklace our main character Matilda want a dress. You could say that she needed that dress because in the story it tells us that she doesnt have one, but the have she act told me that she really just wanted it. She act just like a child that need that toy. All people like to say, I wish I was rich. If I think about it never have I ever hear a person not wish that. There are a few people who want to be rich for good reasons.
One of the reasons is being able to get all the real needs for life. What I mean by real needs would be like food, shelter, and health care. There people that believe buying the most expensive things are better. A person who believes that being rich makes them a better person is shallow and has no self esteem. Like in the story The Necklace the main character Matilda wants all the things that she could not afford.
First she want a dress because in her she need one for this type of affair where she would just wear it once to impress people. Basically she was just thinking about her self at this point because her husband was saving the money for a gun that he wanted but instead he got her the dress because in was more of a need.Words/ Pages : 327 / 24 .

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