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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:43
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kobi fankulo i/6It’s began more than 20 years ago, Apple 2 , the computer of Jobs Wazniac appeared the innovations were surprising . Friendly computer with keyboard and surface that you can put a monitor above , 4K memory and dos that constant from the boot , that fixed in the memory Rom . The most great innovation was channel Bus that every one can built for himself stuck cards , that’s how began the I . B . M suitable industry .
In 1981 an I . B . M p. c appear P. C – XT c.
p. u 8088 and well based dos , disk called p. c – dos that acquired from Microsoft , with possibility to setup 2 drives , green professional monitor , superlative keyboard , possibility of enlargment the memory up to 64K , hard disk and the computer speed 4. 77MH ( mega hertz ) . In 1982 came the P.
C – AT with 286 cpu , 512KB memory and hard disk of 20MB in the price of 6,000 $ and 16BIT channel that have been opened to suitable copy from I . B . M p. c to Apple 2 the prices went down . In 1986 Compaq company completed her 386 computer development of Intel company and anticipate I . B .
M in the new c. p. u adoption . In the presence of the manufacturers stood 2 possibilities to continue after I . B . M in the way of PS / 2 or to continue the independend way that Compac company showed .
I . B . M demended for the use rights systems , the licence payment are recoiling . Her politics conected the new meterial to OS / 2 dos .
These who didn’t understood continued with I . B . M , all the rest continue with I . S . A architecture , until today I. B .
M hasn’t recover from the astartegy mistakes series that brought her to be the only one p. c manufacture that not manufacated I . B . M suitable . In the begining of the 90 Intel company started to supply the fourth generation with 486 c.
p. u and memory of 64MB . In 1993 began the age of the 586 pentum the fifth generation of the Intel c. p. u p.
c . In our days the p. c including c. p.
u 486 or 586 , hard disk up to 540MB , modem and super vga monitor . P.C – ( Personal Computer )Rom – ( Read Only Memory )Ram – ( Read Acess Memory )Boot -Dos – ( Disk Operation System )KB -MB – Hard disk – Channel – C.P.U – 586 , 486 , 386 , 286 , 8088XTPS / 2 – ( Personal System ) OS / 2 – ( Operator System )Architecture – Keyboard – Intel -Appear – I.B.M suitable – ..Manufacturer – Sound blaster -Modem – Bibliographythe great entziclopade of u.s.a

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