The Rate of Diffusion and Osmosis of Various Solut Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:20
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ions With Distilled Wateras an Ambient EnvironmentThroughout the process of the experiment, various concentrations of asolution of Sucrose and Water were placed into hydrolysis tubing and placedinto and ambient environment of sterile water.
An observation of a Starchsolution in an ambient solution of sterile water and iodine was done tocheck for a chemical reaction of starch and iodine indicating diffusion. Also an observation of two segments of carrot placed each in Distilled andin Salt Water, to determine whether or not osmosis is taking place. . . “In an attempt to satisfy my hypophysis that when one placed a setamount of various molar concentrations of a solution of sucrose anddistilled water into an ambient solution of distilled water, diffusion intothe hydrolysis tubing with the solutions will occur, causing the tubes togain weight. Also that a solution of starch and water in hydrolysis tubingplaced in a Water/Iodine solution would generate a chemical reacion withinthe tube between the starch and the iodine, also indicating diffusion.
Andlastly that two pieces of carrot, one placed in water, the other in saltwater, would reveal that the salt water would draw moisture out of thecarrot into the salty environment, causing the carrot in the salt water tobecome limp the opposite would occur in the other carrot. ” Throughout theprocess of the experiment, various concentrations of a solution of Sucroseand Water were placed into hydrolysis tubing which in turn are placed intoand ambient environment of sterile water. Also, an observation of a Starchsolution in an ambient solution of sterile water and iodine was done tocheck for a chemical reaction between the starch and iodine indicatingdiffusion. Last, an observation of two segments of carrot placed one eachin Distilled and in Salt Water, was done to determine whether or notosmosis is taking place between the carrots and the solution or thesolution and the carrots.Materials Required.Four 5″ lengths of hydrolysis tubing.Two segments of carrot, sliced lengthways and about 3″ long.Four Small cups, labeled Starch, 1M, .4M and H2O.Iodine.Pipette or eyedropper.Scales measuring grams.about 5oz of each solution> 1M sucrose/water, .4M sucrose/water,distilled water, 50% starch/water.Two 30 minute Timers.Two 20oz Open Beakers with one filled with Distilled Water, and theother Salt Water(about 15oz).Rubber bands or string to tie off tubingProcedure.First, 2 lengths of carrot, cut down the middle length-ways, areplaced one each in a beaker of distilled water and the other in saltwater and allowed to set..In the first experiment, 3 lengths of hydrolysis tubing with one endtied off securely, approximately 5 inches long, were filled each withone of 3 solutions, distilled water, .4M solution of sucrose andwater, and 1M solution of sucrose and water..Then all air in the tube was removed, and the other end was tied offsecurely..3 Small cups were then filled with distilled water and labeled withone of the 3 solutions mentioned earlier..Then tubing with the solutions inside are then dried completely andall excess solutions cleaned off from the exterior..The weights of the tubes in grams was then recorded and the tubes areplaced in their respective cups of sterile water and allowed to setfor thirty(30) minutes..While the first observation is setting, another 5 inch length ofhydrolysis tubing is tied off at one end and fill with 10-15ml of a50% solution of Starch and distilled water..The air is removed from the tube, and the other end is tied offsecurely, and all excess starch is removed from the exterior of thebag to prevent the occurrence of starch in the ambient solution,giving the appearance of diffusion into the ambient solution..Another cup is filled with distilled water, and approximately 15drops of pure iodine is added..The tube with the starch solution should be placed into the cupfilled with iodine solution and allowed to set for 30 minutes..Next, while both solution sets are setting, an observation was madeof the carrot pieces that were placed into the beakers earlier..The primary objective of this observation being to determine which,if either, of the carrot pieces was subjected to osmosis, and to

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