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Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:50
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Choices of LifeAll people are travelers, all choosing their paths on a map of their life. “The great thing about man for Frost is that he has the power of standing still where he is.
” There is never a straight road there are always curves and turns in which one must encounter and act upon. Readers can interpret the poem “The Road Not Taken Essay” in many ways. It is a persons past, present and the way one see things, which determines their choices and paths they follow. This poem shows how Frost believes that it is the road that you choose that makes you the person you are.
Decisions are always hard to make. It is impossible not to wonder what would have happened before you made your decision and what could have happened after you made your decision. Frost shows this in the line “And sorry I could not travel both” Knowing one can not travel every path there is a realization that one is always missing out on something in life. When the traveler is about to make his decision he “looks down one as far as I could”. The road leads to the unknown, as do choices in life.
When he looks at the paths he does not know where they lead, nor does he have any knowledge of what he will encounter. He must choose which path he will take and which one he will leave behind, the same way you decide what to choose in any choice of life. “Then took the other, just as fair, and having perhaps the better claim,” There is a reason that the path he chooses had the better claim “it was grassy and wanted wear;” It was not a path for everyone because the other path was more worn and most people had traveled that one. He calls the path he chose “the road less traveled by”. The traveler’s choice reflects his personality.
It shows that he is an individual and does not follow the crowd. He wants to do what is different. “And both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had trodden black. ” The leaves had covered the ground and since the time they had fallen no one has passed on the road.
Frost does this because each time a person comes to the point where they have to make a choice, it is new to them, somewhere they have never been, and they feel like no one else has either. “I kept the first for another day!” The desire to travel both paths is not unusual, but “knowing how way leads on to way”, the speaker of this poem realizes that the decision is not a temporary one and he “doubted if he should ever come back. ” This shows how the traveler knows that his choice will affect every other choice he makes afterward. Once you make a choice there is no changing it or turning back.
There are many equally valid meanings to this poem and Robert Frost intended this. The poem is simple but can make a reader think extremely deeply. He got a universal understanding. There is no moral in this poem; there is just a narrator who makes a decision in his life that changes it.
Any reader can relate to this. .

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