The Scarlett Letter Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:08:17
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The Book I need to read is the Scarlett Letter. It is too hard so I just do it the easy way and come to cheat in the internet.
of course. SO I guess then that i have to makes this at least 250 words long or they won’t accept me so I will keep on writing crap until I hit the specified amount to be able to go and cheat or else I’m doomed for there is no way anyone will make me read that book. Especially do all of that which my lovable English teacher left me for christmas vacations. Hint word: Vacations.
But apperently she didn’t get it and just decided to give us the first 5 chapter to read plus the something House which is the foreword. Oh not to forget a half a page summary on each chapter, a term paper from each chapter which includes the partial quote, the type of speech, and not to forget the effect that sentence has on the paragraph it is on. That is my homework for christmas break which i have decided to do as always to the end. I admit it.
I procrastinate frequently and I’m not very proud of it but I am also not at all proud to have to read and waste part of my vacation doing HOMEWORK!!! So I just checked again if I had at least the required amount of letter but it appears for the second time in a row that I do not. So I shall be forced to keep on writting pure “B.S.” until I finish with the so called requirements.
So here I am wasting my valuable time while I could be some where else just doing nothing or maybe even reading the damn book. For what I have spent here is what it would of taken me to do at least Chapter One which amazingly is only 2 pages long! not that bad considering that the letters are of microscoping size. Let’s check again if I am successfully done. So here it goes again.
If not then I’ll be back.

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