The Spiritual Root Of My Resilience Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:50
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a. Islam, stands as the spiritual root of my resilience. Whatever the almighty does has a perfect meaning and he and only Him knows what he is doing. Concerning my emotion, they have failed to provide me a deep root, I simply can not use emotion to actually build up my resilience, however, playing on my psychological root can support both psychological and emotional roots. Today, I can say that I am an optimistic person.
I trained my brain to actually pursue a goal whatever difficulty it encounters, and today it works. My cultural root are based on the idea that a man is only successful outside the household. Having this idea in mind, I have to always be excellent and successful, even in difficult moment. I have to find positivity and if not, I have to create way to build this positivity. b. In my culture, people are mainly focused on an idea based on gender.
My culture would generally tell me that I am a Man, I should not cry, I should still raise up and fight for what I want. However, during the past two years, I have been exposed to the idea of “failing forward”. This expression is based on the idea that even if I fall most of the time, I should keep on going and keep on going. I have been taught that overcoming situation or building resilience is a process that needs time. First, I have to identify the situation, I have to then understand it, and then try to find a solution to it. In this way, I tried for a long time to apply the past methods.
Months after months, I think that I am getting better in overcoming adversity and challenges. In addition, I have been taught to always compare myself only to myself, not to others. If I need to compare myself to others, I should only take them as as example, an I should not wa. . time accomplish that by hanging around people that I trust. I can give myself a 8 out of 10.
d. For me the best thing to do to improve this situation is to adapt to this environment. I am really and hardly trying to get use to this place. And I do believe that it will work. I am optimistic that I will soon get use to this place. I believe that after adapting to this place, I will be able to increase step by step in the 6 areas.
I, in fact noticed that the six areas are interconnected. They rely on each others and this is actually what make me more motivated on working on them. I think that confidence is one thing I will have to increase. I will make more meaningful friend and really interact into deep and meaningful people and build up skills that will enable me to evaluate myself on a Berkeley’s standard. Once I feel I am at home, I will be ale to be at ease.

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