The story line of the movie is Oskar Shindler come Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:37
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s in as a broke man, and starts a metal factory. He makes allot of money, but at first that’s all he was in it for. After seeing hundreds a Jews being killed, or murdered he started to feel sorry for them. Oskar made a list of around 1,100 people and buys them to work for him so they don’t get tortchered or murdered. He went broke from buying all the Jews. The war ends and Oskar says good by to all the people he saved because he has to flee so they don’t find and kill him because he is a Notzie.
The story starts out in September 1939 after Poland was taken over. The Jews are being forced to one side of the town. March 20, 1941 deadline for entering the Ghetto march 13, 1943 was the liquidation of the Ghettos. The Jews start to hide so they don’t have to go to the concentration camps, Plaszow forced labor camps were Oskar’s workers lived. People from Shindlers list were moved to Zwittau-Brinneitz Czechoslacia, Oskar Shindler’s home town.
Culture setting was very sad. The main religions were Jewish, and Natzizum. There living in concentration camps. No money, very little food, and diseases all around. The main characters in the movie are Oskar Shindler, and his friend Itzahak Stern who helped run the factory.
Oskar starts to feel bad for the Jews. That leads him to start saving them. The turning point is when Oskar and Itzhak sit down to make the list of Jews that he will buy. The falling actions is when the war ends and Oskar is saying good by to more than1,100 Jews he saved. When he is given a gold ring made from the teeth of Itzhak, and Oskar leaves.
The movie ends with all the surviving Jews that Oskar saved, setting stones on the memorial grave of Oskar Shindler.
The main message, I think the director is trying to get across is how much difference one man can do. The sensitivity shown by Oskar. Not by words but buy facial expressions. Toward the end he started to speak his sensitivity.
My reaction to this video is feeling sorry for the Jews. It gives me a visual of how many Jews there actually were. I don’t know who would like this movie because it’s a very graphic, and sad movie. What it had to say was very much worth the time to watch it.

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