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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:02
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In the “The Choice” advertisement by Barack Obama in 2012, the scenes in this video are mostly taken in the living room. There are couches, flowers, and shelves which are full of books and framed pictures. Obama is sitting on the chair and talking to the camera about the choice that the voters have and need to make. He probably chooses this scene that has a feeling at home because he wants the viewer to feel he is one of them, explaining to them as if he goes to each house and talks one-to-one. While he is talking, the camera is clearly focused on his face.
The lens also has taken the close-up on Obama ‘s face while all the images and background behind have been blurred. This technique called “shallow focus” is commonly used in cinematography. It is intended to direct the viewer ‘s focus to one element of a scene. Obama is intentionally doing this technique so that the viewer can direct their attention to what he is going to say.In this commercial ad Obama is wearing a full suit with a blue tie and pin at the top collar of his suit. Obama is trying to appeal to viewers with a nice liberal man’s looks when he is wearing a blue tie, so that he can gain viewers’ trust on his professionalism and at the same time trying to gain votes from democratic supporters.
In another perspective, the way he is dressing in this video can be looked on as someone who is always ready to represent United States in under any circumstance in accordance with his position as president at that time. He is also wearing an American flag pin to show to the viewer wherever he is, he will not forget his country. He is trying to appeal as a true patriot who will serve the country with full respect and never cause any shame on the country. He wants to show the vi. .il because the weather is very suitable for it.
The two workers in this site are wearing professional attires because Obama wants the viewers to know that he will makes sure this investment will be handled professionally.Last but not least, when the ad is about to end, Obama is practically using the antithesis technique when saying “sometimes politics can seem very small, but the choice you face couldn ‘t be bigger”. When Obama is saying the message, the camera seems to zoom-in on Obama to add the effects of noteworthiness in this message. He is trying to emphasize the importance of the choice that the viewers will make even though the viewers don ‘t prefer to know about politics. Lastly, Obama end this ad with his campaign slogan “Forward” to show his identity and goal for America which apparently has been a success to move the American ‘s hearts.

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