Trail of tears Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:03
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During the dreaded year of 1836, the Cherokee Indians wereforced to migrate 800 miles from Georgia to Oklahoma.
This wasbecause the United States government was very prejudice andignorant. They were not willing to coexist with the CherokeeIndians. The United States Government gave them an alternativeto either act like the white man or move. So that’s exactly whatthey did. To become more like the white man, they dressed likethem, became farmers, changed their religion, learned to read andwrite, and also formed their own newspaper.
The white men werestill not satisfied with this so they told them to move anyways. They were provided transportation by boats but many people diedso they decided to go by foot. Thousands of Indians were killedby disease and malnutrition. This was wrong for the Americans todo because they did everything we wanted them to do exceptchange the color of their skin.
The Cherokee and other Indiantribes were on the land before us and we still kicked them off. We were very selfish and we shouldn’t have done this.Bibliography: .

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