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Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:55
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Contemporary (Post Modern) Frame Andy Goldsmiths art pieces are presented and created in the natural environment using natural resources only taken from the environment. Wood, stone, leaves and flowers are some examples of the materials he uses. His artworks have features that relate to Post Modernism. His artworks can be viewed from different viewpoints and distances and can be experienced with more than just sight but With touch as well. Swallowwort’s main feature that can be related to Post Modernism is that he challenges the idea of permanence.
His artworks depend on the environment and the movement Of the earth’s recesses that can reshape or move the artwork from its original location and structure. That is what Andy Goldsmith aims for – especially with the “Japanese Maple Leaves” which is an artwork created by Goldsmith where leaves are linked together by sticks and are placed in a stream and the audience can see the movement and change in currents of the stream that reform or reshapes the linked leaves’ original position. His pieces cannot remain permanent as the materials used and the fragility of the piece can be easily destroyed in seconds.
The longest length of time for Swallowwort’s artworks is usually 2 seeks. Goldsmith challenges mainstream landscape practice by setting his art pieces in the natural environment instead tot the traditional surroundings like a museum where traditional landscape art works are displayed, The fact that Goldsmiths artworks are not in a museum leaves no limits to the audience when it comes to experiencing the art works unlike in museums where the audience are confined to the room in which the art works are displayed and there is usually no touching allowed.
Although with his art piece ‘Snowballs” in which Goldsmith places snowballs, containing materials such as sticks and rises, that are placed around Loon’s CAB which his art work was emphasized when placed in the contrasting environment to which the materials used would not have been found. This was also an opportunity for Goldsmith to gain a different audience than he would if continuing on with placing his pieces in the natural environment.
Goldsmith also challenges traditional mainstream practice by not using the mainstream materials and equipment such as Canvas, oil paint, paint brushes, pencil and paper but instead using natural resources that are provided by the environment in which the art work is based. The fact that Goldsmith does not present his art works in a museum and is not bought and sold does not affect the meaning his works carry as the way his art works are created is one of the main ways his art pieces create meaning.
The meaning of his artworks is to take pieces from the environment, then to alter them and give them back to the environment. “l have not made the piece to be destroyed: it is a gift to the environment which makes it better”. If Andy Goldsmith displayed his art pieces in museums, the art works would not carry the same meaning as they do when placed in their natural environment. The surroundings seem to be as important as the actual art work as the environment shapes the meaning and purpose of the art piece created by Goldsmith.
As Goldsmith also creates his artworks with the purpose of them not to permanent would also affect how they would be displayed in an environment. Using the ‘Ice Arch’ as an example, which is an art piece that was an arch created out of ice slates pressed together and stacked, that its impermanence is one Of the aspects Of the art piece that makes more fascinating as an art work and one that thrives more in the natural environment than in a museum.
Money does not impact on Goldsmiths art making practice as he does not create his art pieces for money – however he does make an income through the images and films that contain the process of the art making in the natural environment. Money is not necessary as all the equipment and materials are provided by the environment. Andy Goldsmith is an influential artist who continues to challenge the traditional landscape practice through his use of materials, setting and concepts. Many artists are inspired by his work and incorporate his practices into their own today.

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