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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:45
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23/01/2002The rabbit and the log house. By:Stepan EeroOnce upon a time, there lived a rabbit.
He lived happy and healthy in a log house with a fireplace. Every once in a while he would go out and cut some firewood from the forest. It was winter time, and he had to keep his log house warm. Rabbit also had a neighbor, fox.
Rabbit didnt like her for some reason, maybe because she was a greedy animal. She was not trustworthy and lied a lot. She always told lies, everything she would say was a lie. She had a house that was made out of big cold blue ice cubes. It was a beautiful house and rabbit was a little bit jealous.
But he knew that his house was warm while her house was ice cold. Time had passed and its spring. Its getting warmer and warmer. Rabbit didnt need to get much firewood anymore. But fox was upset because her house was melting away. It got smaller every day.
Finally it was gone and fox had no where to live. So she thought of a trick. An evil trick. The week has passed and it was time for rabbit to get firewood. When he left his house and went into the woods fox sneaked into the house and locked the door.
When rabbit came back, he saw foxs tracks and was sad. He asked fox to get out of his house but she would not come out. Rabbit sat down by a tree and started crying. He cried and cried. Suddenly a bull came along and he asked rabbit, Why are you crying little rabbit?Rabbit answered, The mean fox took over my house and I cant get it back. I asked and I begged but the mean fox never came out!Thats okay little rabbit Ill get your house back.
So they went to the house and the bull saidHey you, the mean fox, get out of the house before I come and get you out myself!The fox saidGo ahead and try. So the bull went slamming into the door. The bull was hurt by a broom, thrown by the fox. He ran away crying. Rabbit sat down by the tree and continued crying.
He cried and cried, but then a bear came by and saw poor little rabbit crying. He askedWhy are you crying little rabbit?The rabbit said(crying)Because the mean fox took over my house, I tried to get her out and so did a big brown bull. Thats okay rabbit, I will try to get her out. Bear said bravely. Ok, but the bull was big and mean. IF he couldnt get her out, then I dont think you have much of a chance.
So the bear and the rabbit went to the house and the bear said,Hey you, the mean fox get out of the house or I am going to get you out myself. The fox repliedokay, go ahead and try!The bear yelledAll right, but you will be sorry! And he ran into the house like there wasnt a door, and then the house was moving from left to the right. The bear burst out running and saidSorry rabbit but that mean fox is just to mean! And he disappeared into the woods looking behind him, like he was being chased. The rabbit started crying again.
He sat by a tree. He couldnt sleep all night. But in the morning a rooster came by and asked the sad little rabbitHey rabbit why are you crying so hard. Looks like you are in great pain?Well, fox stole my house and no one can get her out. The bull tried and the bear tried but they just couldnt make her leave the house. The rooster said,I will try to get her out, but if I do then you have to promise me that I can live in this house toThe rabbit answerWell you can try but the animals who tried to get her out before were large and strong.
But, you got yourself a deal. The rooster saidThey might have strength, but they dont have the brains to get the dumb fox out! So the rooster flew up over the house and dove through the chimney. It was very

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