Western Culture And Indian Culture Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:35
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Australasia, and is not restricted to the continent of Europe. Where Western Culture and Indian culture come at a cross roads is further explain by Naor, Linderman, Schroeder in their idea that “non-significant difference between Eastern and Western countries for the dimensions of institutional collectivism, in-group collectivism, assertiveness, uncertainty avoidance, and humane orientation can be attributed to their strong link to people’s behavior and work-related attitude” (Naor et al, 2010, p. 194). Political pluralism, prominent subcultures, or even counter cultures such as the New Age movements are all Tendencies that have come to define modern Western societies. This results in the process of human migration and globalization.
A current dilemma in Western societies is whether Western civilization is strong enough to create a world order based on the principles of international law and personal liberty that are deeply embedded throughout the whole tradition of Western political thought, or whether citizens in Western societies could be impacted by the emergence of other more economically stable societies that have equal international dominance as the western world. What are people referring to when they talk about Western culture? One can understand that understanding of Western Culture can point towards various traditions, customs, values, and different belief systems that made their origin from Europe and are based on European culture. An obvious example of a country that is stricken with Western culture is in the culture of America. Western culture can encompass a variety of cultures such as the Spanish, French and British cultures. Westerns complex is so inherently diverse and complex because of its adaptability to en. .
nly those that have been developed within our own borders? This would not be beneficial for individual countries or our global world because it has been made clear that humanity only flourishes with the constant cultural adaptions that are built upon one another, just like the cultures of India and the Western world. More specifically, how does India influence the Western world and the global world in particular? One can see this in the existence of Bollywood, yoga, and spiritual mantras on a global scale. examples. These were all features of Indian society that were once only existent in the culture of India but have now become apparent throughout the international world, and particularly in Western societies. In the western culture, yoga is a popular activity as a facet of physical activity. An Indian folk dance known as bhangra has been used as a popular western

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