What Does Extracurricular Activities? Schools Can Be Beneficial, Right? examples Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:20
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We all believe that extracurricular activities in schools can be beneficial, right? In schools, we currently have optional extracurricular courses such as football, art, music, and more. We also have mandatory health and health science courses such as physical education and health and nutrition. Why is physical education a required course and music only an extra curricular activity? Research clearly shows that learning to play an instrument is greatly benefitting our students in the same way that physical education is having a positive impact on them. Why would we, by not requiring middle school students to take a music course, refrain from even more advancement, and withhold the help we could easily give. I propose that we make music a mandatory course in middle school.
There has been extensive research on how music affects the brain, and results show that the brain develops more connections and matures better if the individual learns to play an instrument. There are a few oppositions to this argument that I will address, but after considering them all, I still hold strongly to the belief that everyone in middle school should learn to play an instrument.Some avid sports fans and other individuals oppose this idea, believing that playing sports is better than playing an instrument. While it is true that physical activity is highly beneficial not only for us physically, but also for us mentally, learning to play an instrument benefits us in countless ways. There was a study done that showed increased executive function when individuals exercised. An article discussing the study defined executive function as, “skills important for planning and organizing, focusing on schoolwork, resisting impulses, self-monitoring and us.
.n. Additionally, except in extreme cases of paralysis, everyone possesses the capability to learn to play an instrument, whether it is something that comes easily to them or not. While some instruments and lessons can be pricy, individuals can choose an instrument to fit their price range and look for good deals online. Also, the lessons will be provided by the school so individuals will not have to pay that expense. Finally, one of the main reasons that we should have every middle school student learn to play an instrument is to increase their neuroplasticity, so they can continue to learn and acquire new skills and information.
Whether you are a dancer or football player, handicapped or well equipped, whether you live in a multi-million dollar home or an old shack on the outskirts of town, if you are in middle school, learning to play an instrument is for you.

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