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Published: 2021-06-29 02:07:35
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From: emailprotected (sally reynolds)Newsgroups: alt. sex. storiesSubject: Slumber Party (f/f, mast.
, shrinking)Date: 23 Mar 1996 01:08:07 GMTOrganization: Dolls Inc. c 1996 – Sally Reynolds – All Rights Reserved. This story may not be posted in any area that is not intendedstrictly for adult access only. It may not be archived withoutthe written consent of the author. (As this first chapter is a rework of a fragment by anannonymous author ownership may be questionable.
Butplease keep it out of the reach of children and don’t sell itcause it’s not yours. )WARNING: This story deals with ADULT THEMES. It is not intendedfor anyone under the age of 18. The story deals with sex betweentiny and normal sized individuals, somewhat nonconscensual sex,lesbian sex, lesbian sex between individuals of vastly differentsizes, light bondage, female masturbation and all those thingswhich make life worth living. . If you do not enjoy stories ofthis nature then please stop now.
If you think Newt or Rush arecool then please stop reading now. If you are underage or notpermitted material which deals with the topics discribed aboveyou should have already stopped so get out of here already!slumber partySusan was brilliant and beautiful. She didn’t get too many datesthough, because when you’re 6′ 1″ you tend to intimidate men orattract weirdos. She joined Gamma Delta Phi to get some companionshipand maybe meet a decent guy. Susan was always mixing up drinksthat nobody ever thought would be good, but they turned out great.
She also managed to add some secret ingredient that would almosteliminate hangovers. She met Jim at a frat bash one night. He was cute, witty, andactually talked to her like a real person, not something out ofa sideshow. She wanted him. Bad. Everything seemed like itwould be great, but nothing ever really came of it.
A few “Hi’s”on campus and a few more parties, but nothing more. Andrea was one of the most popular girls in the sorority. Shewas certainly one of the prettiest, 5′ 8” tall and had even donesome modeling for extra cash. She considered herself quite anexpert on beauty and was very obsessed with her own. Late onenight, when they were all sitting around sipping sherry, Andreablurted out that she thought Sue was very pretty, but just tootall for most men.
Susan disappeared into her room. They stillsaw her every so often, but Susan always said her chemistry classeswere getting harder, and she had to spend more time in the lab. What they didn’t know at the time was that she was doing someextracurricular work of a personal nature. Susan had taken it as her personal crusade to actually shrinkherself down to a respectable 5′ 6″. She spent day and nightfor the rest of the fall semester working on it. Finally, inthe middle of Christmas break, she got it to work.
She shranka mouse by 10%. This was exactly what she needed. But she wasstill too frightened to try it herself. Spring semester started and all of the girls were back in thehouse. Things seemed better with Susan, she was going to partiesagain, going out, and having a little fun anyway. A small bottleof chemicals sat on her shelf.
Then came “Ladies Night Out!”The girls all had a great time, Susan didn’t go, she had someimportant work to do in the lab but her roommate Cheryl did. Cheryl was always fun and a bit of a practical joker. After hittingsix or seven bars and hitting on over ten guys, she was at thetop of her form. After getting back to the house, she ran upstairsto get those old “Scruples” cards that are always so amusing wheneveryone was drunk. On the way out, she noticed a small nondescriptbottle on Susan’s shelf. “Wow, Sue mixed up a new batch!!”Downstairs and several screwdrivers later the party began to winddown, several of the girls were going to bed.
Andrea said shewas probably going to skip class in the morning because she wasexpecting a monster hangover. Too bad about that review sessionfor midterms. . .
“Wait a minute,” said Cheryl, “I almost forgotabout Susan’s stuff!!” She reached into her pocket and pulledout the unmarked bottle. “Here. Put this in some OJ and you’llfeel fine tomorrow. “She poured some juice into a relatively clean glass, and addedsome of the chemicals. “Maybe we should use

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