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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:20
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What is ArtArt can be said, as an expression of ones self and the feeling from the world around them. This does not only count the traditional forms of art, painting, music, sculpting, and drama. From my point of view along with the definition listed above, I believe that it is truly an expression of ones self, if it be a skater perfecting his or her skills or a business man painting a landscape of a city on his day off from work. Beginning with Neolithic Age, man has expressed himself by paintings on walls in cavesm, either if it were a celebration from a good hunt or worship to their gods. This began in 6000 BCE and has followed through to now and will always move on through time.
The mainstream arts, which were listed above, are always changing. Painting is the best example of this due to its ever-changing form through time. From Abstract paintings to romantic landscapes, painting is by far also the most famous form of art. The most popular form of art today is music.
You can find it on its own TV stations and all over the radio airwaves. This by far is my favorite form of art. It is easily understood and it is a great outlet. There are many types of music, from classical to hard rock, Pavarotti to Pantara. This is another form of art that will last till the end of time. Through out the existence of man art has been around and this has been our outlet from the world we live in and an expression of the world through our eyes.
The arts will always be around us some how or way and will always be here with us through the future of time.

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