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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:23
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Word Count: 863"" I asked myself nearly a year ago.
I was at the time involved in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Drafting & Design. Unchallenged and bored with that particular field of study, I searched for something new, but yet somewhat the same. I saw a flyer posted in Flanagan Hall at my former stomping ground, East Carolina University, that said teachers were desperately needed at local high schools. Some of the subjects they needed teachers in included: Electronics, Wood Shop, Auto Mechanics, Computer Applications, and the one that caught my eye the most, Drafting & Design. The flyer said all you needed to teach middle and high school in these particular subjects was a BS in Industrial Technology (but teacher certification was a plus was noted in the fine print).
I did some research on Technology Education and did some personal reflection if this was a career I was really interested in. "It sure beats a 9 to 5 job," I thought, "and it cant be monotonous because every day you do something new especially in the type of teaching Id like to pursue, Drafting & Design. "Over the weekend I did some more research on a professional organization that is directly related to my field, Industrial Technology Education Association (ITEA). ITEA is a large, in fact the largest, professional educational association devoted to enhancing technology education through experiences in our schools (K-12). ITEA covers individuals and institutions throughout the world with the primary membership in North America. More than forty thousand technology educators in the United States alone represent ITEA.
The corporate members of ITEA are comprised of leading technology companies. ITEA’s mission is to advance technological means for all people. ITEA tries to meet the professional needs and interests of members as well as to improve public understanding of technology education and its contributions. ITEA conducts various professional development programs and holds an annual conference. This conference is the largest technology education show of exhibits and educational sessions in the world.
Wow!Some publications the Industrial Technology Education Association compose include the following: The Technology Teacher, Technology and Children, and The Journal of Technology Education. There are ten committees that organize the aspects of technology education. These committees of ITEA also sponsor dozens of meetings, conferences, and exhibits each year. They also sponsor an active honor and awards program that identifies outstanding teachers and programs (K-12) from states, provinces and countries that are affiliated with the Association. ITEA also presents award certificates and supports other programs that recognize outstanding efforts in the technology teaching profession.
The last thing I want to mention here is that ITEA performs a strong public policy program, frequently providing information to the government, local and national agencies ; associations, and other special interest groups that deal with technology education. The Association attempts to provide an understanding of the importance of technology education to the future growth and welfare of all nations. ITEA provides many professional services that are available to teachers. As stated before, the Industrial Technology Educational Association provides a variety of publications and videos. This material leads the teachers by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and networking opportunities.
Again, the Industrial Technology Educational Association has many worldwide conferences every year. Here are just a few upcoming conventions that are to be held in the near future: September 18-21, 1999: Technology International Conference, Erfurt, Federal Republic of Germany. The history, problems and prospects of technical education. September 24-25, 1999: Western Cape Technology Conference presented by The Technology Association at Western Province Prep School, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa.
October 1-2, 1999: The Learning Institute for Technology Education Conference. Program strands include high school, middle school, later elementary and early elementary break-outs in Design and Technology, Math/Science/Technology integration, Info Tech/Computer, and Career Pathways. The conference will be held at Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus, Farmington Hills, MI. October 21-23, 1999: 62nd Annual New England Association of Technology Teachers (NEATT) Conference. Held at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington, Vermont. December 12-15, 1999: Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.
January 9-14, 2000: International Technology Conference to be held in Canberra, Australia. Hosted by the Australian Council of .

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