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Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:50
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I’ve pondered the thought of what makes me black, and what makes others what they are. I spent a day evaluating my surroundings, and racking my brain. But I still have not come to the conclusion of what makes me black. Is it the box on applications that I check, is it my membership to predominately “Black” sorority, or is it how my hair kinks up when it is wet.
Is it the way I am followed in a department store, or is it because of the vaulger names I have been called?Like nigger or tar baby. Is it because of the pigment of my skin or the dark color of my gums when I smile? Or maybe even the reflection I see in the mirror. Is it how others perceive me or is it how I perceive myself? One things for sure people of my own “ so called race call me white, but on the other hand people who associate themselves as white see me to be black as night. I once heard someone say you are whom you associate with; well if that were true I guess I would be a bunch ingredients blended together. Are these the characteristics that form my identity? I could go on for days, but are those the things that really make me black? All right enough of the games; I will tell you why I am black.
Or could be I am really white?I guess now I need to reevaluate. What makes me white? I spent all of my time evaluating why I am black; leaving no time to evaluate why I am white. I have got it I am white because of the power advantage I still have over blacks in the year 2000. Or is it how I can walk into any store without a dime and walkout as if I had a million? It is easy to take what I need from an ignorant society who is always blaming blacks. Who would ever suspect the innocent little white girl definitely not the white salesclerk? Is it the way I am able to walk down any city street day or night and not accused of wrongdoing? Or is the way I am able to sit in my car after being pulled over for a speeding ticket.
Maybe it is the way my face is not plastered all over the newspaper and television after I commit a crime. Is it the way I am able to gain access to any prestigious college without ever being asked if I can afford the tuition? Are these the characteristics that form my identity? All right all right enough of the game; I will tell you why I am white. Or it be that I am neither black nor white but a person. Is this how my identity is formed? Who am I and who are you? What makes me black and what makes you white? Whatever happened to a human being a person? It seems to me as if our society is caught up in classifications. Check here if you are male or female. Check here if you are single or married.
Check here if you have dependent, and so on. Everywhere I turn there is another classification. I ask why buy in to this crap. What advantages have you gotten by saying your are one thing when your another. So, I ask everyone to stand up and be proud of whom he or she is. You are a person, an individual, and you are special.
Why? God made us all different, so let us all be proud of whom we are. Now when you see me and my head is raised high; you will know why.So, the next time you ask me what race I am; I’ll be proud to say part of the human race.Bibliography:

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