What’s 3D animation? Introduction of the 3D animat Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:36
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ion. Today , it is an undeniable fact that computer graphic design technologydevelop so fast . We can see computer graphic design technica has been usedeverywhere in our life. And 3D animation as the most important part ofcomputer graphic design technology.
It has been widely applied in gamedesign and movie making. For our computer graphic design student, 3Danimation is the technology of using computer software like “Maya” ,”4Dcinema” ,to create the character and environment . For example, like thefollowing Image. It is totally made by using “Maya”, but it’s hard to recognize anddifference with the true photo.
We can see the best 3D visual effects ofusing 3D animation software . The history of computer animation is onlytwenty-five years old . In that time artist and scientists have moved fromrudimentary flying logos to sophisticated , humanistic motion applied tocomputer generated characters . When we look back in amazement at thehistory of computer animation and still find it hard to believe that wecould have had such an impact on the entertainment industry . Nothing movesfaster than technology . Especially in 3D animation , great development hasbeen taken place since last twenty – five years .
For a computer graphicdesign student. Be a good 3D animator is very important for our futurecareer. So in the following paragraph will be focus on how to be a good 3Danimator for a computer graphic design student. Drawing skills is important for a good 3D animation designer. From my point of view, Drawing skills is quite important for a 3D animator. It seems like if people wanna be a good 3D animation designer, they must dolots of drawing practise first.
Drawing is the foundation before go to the3D software. Do lots of sketch is the only way to built your conceptbefore go to computer. Like the following images. Which is done by a well-known 3D animation artist Michael Weidman. We can see he built conceptusing these kind of sketch.
That is why in every design school first yearcourse, every student must take the drawing class. Especially for thosepeople who are gonna do 3D animation in the future, drawing has been anessential part of being a 3D animator. If we look the following image whichis done by using 3D software. Everyone will wonder how can the designerbuild his ideas.
And we look the next image. We can get the answer. Thedesigner of this image did his sketch first, then go to computer. So thesketch one and the final one look same without the filling colour. Fromthis point, everyone will understand how this animator built his conceptand how important is the drawing skills for a good 3D animator.
Good computer technical skills also is very importantSecondly, computer technical skills also is very important for a 3Danimator. As the technology development, we got lots of computer softwarefor 3D animation, like “Maya” , “4D Cinema” these two most famous software. For a 3D animation designer, people must get to know the each function ofsoftware, otherwise it will be hard to get a good 3D visual effect. Likethe following image, I got it from the movie “The Matrix” which is the mostwell-known movie made by using 3D animation. It is impossible for a personwithout any technical skills to finish this character with such amazing 3Dvisual effect. From graphic design experience like using Photoshop,Freehand.
It is a such hard thing to built any visual effect without anytechnical skills. Like the following two image, we must use some of thefunction of the software to get control of the movement of these two 3Dcharacters. Without any technical skills, so can one get control of thesetwo character. So computer technical skills also is very important for a 3Danimation designer.
A good 3D animation designer must have good imagination. Another important thing for a 3D animation designer is the goodimagination. Like the following image, which is made by using 3D animation. We cann’t see this kind of face in our life. The face of this characterlooks just combine the human face and the animal face.
If we suppose thedesigner don’t have the good imagination, so how could he get this ideafrom? Because he couldn’t the model for this character in our true life.Moreover, 3D animation is becoming very important

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