Why I Pursued a Culinary Arts Degree Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:10:25
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He always took the time to explain the ‘Who, what, where and why” of what he was preparing even though he was not formally trained or educated in this earl He always had a story that directly related to the dish he was preparing that would vitiate me and immerse me into every single subtlety Of its preparation.
Eventually, the countless hours that spent with him in the kitchen helping him from the simplest tasks (such as scrubbing pots and pans or peeling onions) to the more complex tasks (such as helping prepare marinade for an entire pork or cooking it over an open fire) not only provided hours of enjoyment, hut also provided the basic fundamentals and knowledge that would need to have when his inevitable passing came, am happily married now with two wonderful daughters, and even though many ears have passed since my father and had our last cooking project; the bond that he and shared as a father-son and teacher-apprentice is still alive today. IEEE food preparation not as a chore or task but as something much more personal; it is an innate and instinctive calling that I was born into this world to do. In addition and more importantly believe that cooking is much more about the people you cook for than it is about the people who do the cooking& cook for my daughters, my wife, family, my fathers’ memory and for all those who have trusted in my food preparation skills in the past, present and into the future. TO understand the heart and mind Of a person, look not at What he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to do. -Kali Gibbon am currently in my last semester of my Culinary Arts degree here at El Cordon Blue and I am attempting to earn the Career Education Scholarship Fund. This prestigious scholarship will help fulfill years of hard-work and sacrifice as well as catapult my family’s quality of life into what always dreamed it could be. Furthermore, want to set an example for both of my daughters that “what the mind of a person can conceive and believe, it can achieve” -Napoleon Hill.
The successful completion of my degree will also give validity to the sacrifices made by family, friends and mentors that have helped motivate, guide and inspire me along the way, also want to help make an impact in this career field, ensuring that the integrity tooth science and art tot my profession remains unchanged. These are the reasons obtaining a degree is important to me and why I believe that would make a worthy candidate for this scholarship. In conclusion, I am humbled and honored to acknowledge that did not choose this profession; this profession chose me.

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