Wrestling and Literature Essay

Published: 2021-06-29 02:09:03
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The theme of wrestling is one that relates to literature directly. Many famous authors have written about wrestling or fighting. Wrestling relates to life in the storylines it produces. This theme can relate to any PSAT words that are negative or positive. Those are just a few of the numerous reasons why wrestling is an excellent choice as a theme.
Wrestling is a very interesting topic that many readers enjoy reading about even if they are not wrestling fans. Mick Foley is a former wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation. He is now the comissioner there and schedules all the matches. Earlier this year he wrote an autobiography titled Have a Nice Day! A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks. The book was a New York Times #1 Bestseller and sold over 700,000 copies.
He tells about how he got started wrestling in his backyard and eventually rose to superstar status when he became the WWF Champion in December 1998. He tells in the book about getting injured and how wrestling is not as fake as everyone believes it is. Inside it lists his numerous injuries. Similar books have been written by other wrestling superstars in other wrestling federations.
Wrestling is a mirror image of life. Many times wrestling superstars will get injured while fighting an opponent. In June of 1998 Mick Foley was the persona Mankind. He was booked to wrestle a wrestler called the Undertaker. The match was to take place in a steel cage.
At the last moment Mankind decided to climb up the cage and fight on top. While he was up there, Undertaker threw him off of the twenty foot cage and Mankind dislocated his left shoulder. They took him off on a stretcher but he battled back only to have a tooth driven through the roof of his mouth up into his nose. He could not call time out during the match although he most likely wanted to. He had to keep wrestling eventhough he suffered from a concussion from the fall off of the cage.
That relates directly to life in the fact that you cannot call time out if you get hurt, the world will not stop for something, it just keeps going and people have to just go with the flow. Wrestling is loved and admired by over a million people all over the world. There are usually around 50 different countries airing a WWF pay-per-view once a month. Millions of wrestling fans extol their favorite wrestler. Tim Orton used to wear a flannel jacket everyday in honor of Mick Foley. There are t-shirts that have the words FOLEY IS GOD on them.
When wrestling does not come on people will call up their television stations and complain because their lives revolve around wrestling. Any PSAT word can be related to wrestling just because wrestling is so versatile. There are good guys and there are bad guys and everyone has their own little gimmick that they carry out even in the real world when they are confronted by the millions and millions of fans they have.Bibliography:

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